Thursday, March 29, 2018

Easter Sunday: Cold With Showers

Easter Sunday is always one of those days that people pay closer attention to the forecast. Don't be caught off guard on this Easter Sunday! It's going to be cold with the chance of rain. A couple of points to focus on:

  • The high temperature will "officially" be in the 50s, but that will be shortly after midnight and before sunrise.
  • Most of the daytime hours will be in the 40s.
  • We will likely have showers before the sun comes up, spotty through the day, and  more rain Easter night.
  • Rainfall amounts on Easter Sunday will range from 0.50-1.00".
Here's a look at temperatures at MIDNIGHT on Easter morning. Notice that we will be in the 50s, but colder air is plunging into Region 8:

By sunrise, we will all be in the 40s... even low 40s. Some might even be in the 30s! That would be a cold rain!:
By lunchtime, you can clearly see the cold front's position:
Not only will it be cold, we will also have some showers. Here's the rain before sunrise:
Here's the rain during the morning:
In summary, it's NOT going to be the best Easter Sunday to be outdoors. Plan accordingly!  Have a great week!


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Anonymous said...

That’s why we’re doing our cooking and hiding eggs Saturday.