Thursday, April 05, 2018

Wintry Mix In April? Maybe.

Yes, there is a chance that some parts of Region 8 will see a wintry mix on Friday night. Don't panic though, we are not too worried about accumulation. Here are my thoughts as of Thursday morning (4/5):

  • Spotty storms on Friday morning.
  • Widespread rain Friday afternoon.
  • Heaviest rain near I40.
  • BRIEF change to sleet or snow, especially in Southern Missouri counties.
  • Accumulation is doubtful, but possible in southern Missouri counties.
Overall, the forecast has been on-point for the past several days and has not wavered much. Of course, when it is concerning wintry precipitation, the track of the storm and 1-3° means everything! The low looks to be tracking right along the southern border of Arkansas Friday PM. That will keep the heaviest rain near I40, but allow some colder air to switch the precipitation to a wintry mix. If you are into agriculture, you are likely just worried about the precipitation totals. Let's chat about all of that! 

At 7PM on Friday, most of Region 8 will be covered up with rain. Just rain... no wintry weather. Here are two computer models:

By midnight, the colder air starts working in from the north before the precipitation moves out and some of the rain turns to a wintry mix. Once again, two models or scenarios: 

As I mentioned, the heaviest rain will be along I40. Here are two models projections of the precipitation totals. I'd be shocked to see anyone get over 3":

We will continue to update the Region 8 weather app.


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