Friday, December 31, 2004

Back as "One"!

Here's an email I got this week from a viewer:

Hi Ryan,
I must admit that I love to watch WSFA every morning as well as my eighteen month old daughter, her favorite part is the birthdays and my favorite is the weather. I have only one concern about the show, some mornings the entire anchor team isn't there, I know that you guys probably work extremely long hours, but I must admit, the show is much better when the entire anchor team is on air. When will you all return as one??

P.S. Keep up the great job!!!!!

Thanks, Tiffani

It's awesome to get nice emails! Tiffani asked earlier this week when we would all be back on again. We were almost all back yesterday and today! Jeff is still working the evenings this week and one of our producers is on vacation. Hopefully we will all be back on next week and Jeff will be out taking us somewhere LIVE in the morning.

So how long did we go without the WHOLE team being on? Well it has been 21 days and 4 Tonya Terry Hair do's since we were all on-air together! I guess next year we will have to use up our vacation before December! I had a good excuse though, my son was born. Anyways, I'm going to sign off now....

Have a great New Year's Eve. Be safe. Don't drive if you are going to drink and watch out for the those that don't take the advice!

PS- Thanks to Isaiah's for coming on the show this morning and making some GREAT food! (See above picture)

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Runnin' Out Of Time!!!

If you were up early, you saw me run out of air on air!!! What happened? Well, Storm Center 12 is on the 2nd floor of WSFA and the studio is on the 1st floor. When we go to commercial, I start walking downstairs to go do the weather. I have 2:30 minutes to get there. It has never been a problem in the past. That changed today! I got halfway down the stairs and remembered that I didn't have my coat on! I ran back upstairs, grabbed the coat, ran back downstairs, put my coat and mic on, and by that time the announcer voice was already airing: "And now your Storm Team 12 Forecast With Ryan Vaughan"

Needless to say, I was a little winded! Instead of just huffin' and puffin' through weather, I made some jokes about it with Tonya and Judd. It's hard to embarrass me, so I have no problem poking fun at myself!

While it has been some time since I ran around the track, I don't think it's totally my health that winded me, it was the "freak out" factor that I might not make it on air in time! Oh well.... bad day. We all have them!

For those that are heading to my hometown of Nashville for the Music City Bowl... Check out the "Nashville Tips" post below!!!

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Music City Bowl Tips

As a guy that was born and raised in Nashville.... I wanted to hook up the Alabamians with some insight to Nash-Vegas! Hopefully you'll have a good time! If you are looking for something to do at night, go to 2nd Avenue South or Broadway. You'll find something! Here are some other places below that I recommend.... Click the links for more information and directions! Email me if you have any questions!!!

Places To Get Grub:
City Wraps Cafe
Las Palmas Mexican - the best Mexican EVER!!!
San Antonio Taco Co.
The Melting Pot- It's like Dante's in Atlanta!
Stockyard- This is where you will find WSFA folks!

Parking and Tailgating:
Underneath the Woodland Street Bridge is the best place to park and tailgate. Parking is free (get there early) and you have the bridge that covers you if you want to tailgate. There's only a 20% chance of rain, so it will likely not be necessary! Parking at the Coliseum is $15, but you don't have to walk far!

For those that want to hit the Bars:
The Beer Sellar
Graham Central Station
Wildhorse Saloon
Lonnie's Western Room

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Anchorman Is Out On DVD!!!

All of us on Today In Alabama agree that the movie Anchorman was one of the dumbest movies of all time, but for some reason we love it! I told you that I would let you in on what happens during commercials.... we quote Anchorman! We don't do it all of the time, but we can't go the full two hours of Today In Alabama without one reference to the movie. I can't wait to see the bloopers and the deleted scenes on the the DVD this week.

Speaking of Anchorman.... Do you think the guy below this message looks like Ron Burgandy? If you heard his voice you would! That man is Dr. Terry Likes of Western Kentucky University's award winning School of Journalism and Broadcasting. He was one of my favorite professors back in college, and I still call him today for advice on the "biz". When I grew up in Nashville he was on our local NBC affiliate from time to time.... and back then, he really looked like Ron Burgandy! He is the king of the "broadcast voice". Back in college he constantly corrected my Southern Accent. I always told him it was just fine, because I will never work anywhere else but the South!

I wonder if he reads the blog.... If so, Hi Terry!... see you February when I come up there for a Western basketball game.... Go BIG RED!

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Dr. Terry Likes, Western Kentucky University

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Glimpse Of Me At 60???

Meet "Papa Sam" or P-Sam as my oldest son calls him. This is the dude that helped raised me and possibly a good model of what I will look like at 60. Pops had a birthday this past weekend which rolled him into the 60s. I still think he looks much younger... at least he acts younger.

If you look back at pictures of P-Sam in his 20s... he looks a lot like me... At least before he grew out the big curly bush he called hair. I have a picture of him when he was in the military when he had short hair. There's no question I'm his... no matter what he says!

Look me up one day when I'm 60 and see if I look like this. You'll have to find me though, because I won't be on 12! Hopefully by 60, I will be on some beach taking in some rays or out along some stream doing some trout fishing.... possibly with my grandkids. We'll see!

PS--- If you are reading this Pops.... Love yah man!

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Bummer, Christmas Is Over...

Christmas is so much more fun with kids! As you can see from above, my oldest son got a bike. The two week old slept through Christmas! December is SO filled with presents in our house. My wife, both of my sons, my dad, my brother-in-law, and a few cousins and aunts all have birthdays in December. This is all on top of Christmas.... and Hanukkah. That's right!.... some of our family celebrates Hanukkah, so we get presents all month long! Yippee!

Now that the holidays are "wrapping" up, it's going to be nice to get back into a routine here at the station. Have you noticed the entire crew on Today In Alabama haven't been together in weeks! It's true.... On Thursday, Tonya, Judd, and I will be on... but Jeff will be on the evening shift, and one of our producers will be on vacation still. I think next week we will have everyone back on! That will be a change.

I hinted last week about a funny picture of Judd for today, but it "mysteriously" disappeared! It was Judd prancing around the newsroom in some pajama pants that Tonya got for him.... (Don't ask me!). Tonya got me a cool desktop thermometer and clock. I'll like it a lot once I figure out how to put it together!

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Little Wintry Weather...

Here's a look at Super Doppler 12 this Christmas evening at about 6:30 pm. Here's a little weather lesson for you....

Do you see the yellow colors embedded in South Alabama? That is the reflection we are getting from sleet falling in South Alabama! We are getting numerous reports verifying what we are seeing on radar from viewers down there. Hopefully this doesn't become a huge problem, but only time will tell!

Sorry the post is so short, but it's a little busy here.... I have a funny picture of Judd that I hope to post Monday... be on the lookout for that!

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Friday, December 24, 2004

...Two turtle doves, And a WAKA mic in a pear tree!

WAKA's true love gave them an early Christmas gift yesterday. It was their microphone! As you can see from the picture above, the WAKA microphone was in the possession of WSFA yesterday! How did it happen? Well, both stations were at a news story and they left a few items behind.

One of our photographers brought the microphone back to the station and we gave them a call to come pick it up. As you can see... we had a little fun with it before we returned it to it's home. Hopefully, if we are ever in the same situation they will help us out as well.

Viewers always wonder if we get along with people from the other stations ... We actually get along better than you would think. There have been several occasions when I have run across WAKA'ers and carried on some good conversations and good times.

Some folks from both stations even hang out together. This may surprise you too... We have actually had roomates that worked at different stations in the past!

It's all in good fun! (as you can see from the picture with Charlie and Doug)

As always, feel free to email me at (even WAKA'ers... if you read the blog!)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

FLURRIES!..... and a funny cartoon!

Apparently I forgot to mention that there would be a few flurries today.... I'm not use to people get so worked up about a few flakes! LOL

So what's going on? Well, as you know, some very cold air has moved in. Colder air holds less moisture, and the atmosphere is acting like a lightly damp sponge right now. The leftover moisture from this storm system that is moving away from us, is being squeezed out. That's why we are seeing a few flurries.

The roads will be fine and there will be no snowmen being made, but it was a great excuse to post a funny cartoon! I usually don't do 2 post in a day, but after all of the phone calls about the flurries.... I felt it was needed. After all that talk about nailing the forecast... flurries pop up! I guess God had different plans.....

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Another Cold Snap....

Here's how my morning started. Usually as I am getting ready, I turn on the TV to see what the temperature is outside and to take a look at radar. At about 2:45 a.m., I was putting on my tie when I noticed it was still 66 degrees outside! I immediately thought.... "Was my forecast wrong?" My forecast low was 40!... I thought for sure the front would have cleared Montgomery by then! I few minutes later I could hear the wind howl, and within a short amount of time, we were down to 48!

By the time I got to work (see above) the computer was showing a SHARP temperature gradient! 66 in Dothan, and 29 in Meridian! For those that are new to the blog... the computer above is the one that puts the graphics on the air.

Anyways, the forecast panned out for me! That's a good thing, because I hate being wrong! If I miss a forecast, then my day is ruined. In order to avoid "ruined" days, I try real hard to nail the forecast.

Even if we are right 95% of the time, most viewers only remember the remaining 5%.... Oh well, I guess it comes with the job. Luckily I got this morning right.... What's that mean for you? BUNDLE UP! And have a Merry Christmas!

PS--- Make sure you watch the 50th Anniversary Special on Saturday... Some of the folks had some nice hair back in the old days!!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm back! (not mentally though)

As promised.... Here's a picture of what we see while we are at the news desk. I took this picture this morning. In the foreground, you can see the beautiful Mrs. Tonya Terry and the news desk. In the distance, is the camera with the teleprompter that the anchors read... and below the camera is the monitors that show us what is on the air, and what is about to be on the air. During weather, the teleprompters are switched over to show a reflection... so we can discuss the maps instead of reading. If you look behind the camera you can see Arlam Carr. He is one of the best of the best here at WSFA. He's been here 31 years! One day I will feature Arlam's life here on the blog, it's quite amazing!

Now to my big screw up of the morning. If you read yesterday, I talked about how I would mess something up... and I did. Look at the picture below..... Do you see the mistake? I didn't see it until someone pointed it out to me at the END OF THE SHOW! Apparently I can't spell "Likely". Well, I can spell it... I just type too fast in the morning I suppose!

Many of you (including some of my co-workers) wonder why I point out mistakes. I do it because you the viewers want to know why things went wrong. Here at WSFA, mistakes happen rarely... so why not have fun when they happen??? A man that can admit his mistakes is much more respected than a man that tries to cover them up.

Anyways.... to the good stuff we had today. Did you see how many LIVE pictures we took you to this morning? We went to snow falling in Indiana, rain in Memphis, sunshine in Washington DC, the Christmas tree in New York City... we went all over the country! I thought that was pretty cool, especially the snow in Indiana. It made me miss living where it really snows! I hated it when I was there though!

Well, I got to get back to work! As always, feel free to email me at

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Take A Day Off Jeff!!!

Everybody, give Jeff a round of applause! He is on his 12th straight day at work! Jeff agreed to work some extra days while I spent time with my family following the birth of our new baby boy. Tomorrow he is off work!!!!

Jeff and I are good friends that constantly make fun of each other! Good friends, huh? Since tomorrow is my first day back to work in over a week, I am likely going to stumble over my words a time or two! As soon as I get through with my first screw up, the phone is likely to ring in Storm Center 12. When I pick up the phone, Gerber will be on the other end making some jokes! That's just how Jeff and I are... I made a couple of calls to him while I have been off work too! If you can't count on your friends to make fun of you, who can you count on!

In fact, I almost put a much worse picture of Jeff on here, just for a good laugh!

Thanks Jeff for working so much, now go take a week off!

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Monday, December 20, 2004

It's COLD Out There!

Even though I am not at work, I am watching the thermometer! As you can see from my little cheap home thermometer, it is 19.8 degrees outside, but a nice and toasty 76.6 indoors. I'll take the indoor temperature!!!

As we talked about in the blog last week... things will be changing quickly.By tomorrow we will be back into the 60s! BUT, by Christmas morning... we will be frigid again. My body can't take much more of this up-and-down weather!

Anyways, tomorrow is my last day off from work. This is the longest I have ever been away from the workplace. While it has been great to be off work work with the family, I think it will be nice to get back into our routine.

For those that are wondering, sleep hasn't been too bad. My wife has it much worse. I change the diaper and go back to bed, but she has to stay up and feed the little guy. Sleep for her hasn't come as easily!

Well, I'm signing off for now... my two year old is asking to go see George.....

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Did You See That?

If you watched the 6:00 tonight, you likley saw a weird looking "technical difficulty" take place! Let me explain what happens at the end of weather... We (weather guys) step away from the "green wall".... the director takes the weather graphics without the camera.... and the camera swings around to get a shot of the of the news desk. Tonight the camera was still on when it was swung around, so you the viewer got a "behind the scenes" look at WSFA.

Bob and John had no idea they were on camera... it was funny watching from home... luckily John and Bob weren't making any funny faces or asleep! The first picture is when the camera zoomed out away from the weather wall (notice the monitors we use to see the weather graphics). The second picture is is when the camera was swung around to the desk... YOU'RE ON BOB AND JOHN!!!

Technical difficulties happen... management doesn't like it... but you have to admit, it's funny to see it every now and then!

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Interesting Info Rich!

While I am at home with the family, I am more or less a viewer, just like you. I will admit that I have occasionally been sneaking a peek at some of the computer models to see if we will have a White Christmas or not... the chances aren't looking good!

Last night, Rich had some interesting facts about a White Christmas in Montgomery. As you can see from above, historically it's not that likely! We do have a series of cold fronts that will make it drastically cold, but we are in a "progressive" pattern. This means things change quickly. One day we'll wake up at 20 degrees and within 36 hours, we'll have an afternoon high of 60. So whatever weather we have, don't get use to it... it will change! I will say that it would not surprise me to see some flurries in the area, at some point over the next 2 weeks.

As a viewer this week though, I liked the historical look at a White Christmas Rich. That was cool! (No pun intended)

There you go folks, I didn't talk about the family today! We're all doing good though....

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mommy & The Boys

As I promised, here's Mommy and the boys. I'm really having fun spending time with the family. I'm glad I work at a place that allows me to have a nice week or so away to spend with the family, without any arguements.

I'm really a lucky dude! Each year my wife makes me more and more happy to be a part of her life. We are high school sweethearts that met in "Music Appreciation" back in the mid 90s. We went to college together, got married, and here we are today with 2 kids.

She was the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.... then the best wife.... then the best mother of our son.... and now the best best mother of both of our boys and the greatest wife in the world!

As I said, I'm a lucky dude!

For those that are sick of me talking about my family this week.... TOUGH! Just kidding!... I am going to start some new topics over the next few days, including the COLD SNAP that has hit us, and the even colder air that is moving in... If you read the blog before the baby, I hinted at this cold air coming in.... here it is!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

We're Home!

As I mentioned I may be skipping a day or two for the next week or so, that's why there was no update yesterday. It feels good to be at home now with all of the family together. The picture above was taken this morning when my son tried on his Santa pajamas. (I promise we'll have some pictures of Mommy in the next couple of days!)

All is well here. We really appreciate all of the kind words we are getting through email. The past couple of days have been a whirl, but we did take time to read what you have been saying. It's good to know that people would take time of their day to write us a nice little note. Thanks!

I'm going to get back to my day now... I'll try to update tomorrow, but there are no guarantees! All the parents out there know what I mean!

Have a great day!

P.S.- I want to send a special thanks to one of nurses.... Kim. You really made the experience a great one! Thanks bunches!

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Monday, December 13, 2004



You may have heard, we have a new baby boy! God has really blessed us again. George Anderson Vaughan is a healthy 6 pound, one ounce boy.... measuring out at 19 inches long. Very similar to our first boy.

I want to thank all of you that have emailed us the past few days saying you were praying for us and wishing us the best. Everything has really gone very well. A special thanks goes out to Dr. Lawhon... he really made the experience smooth! You rock Lawhon!

Well I am a busy guy these days... I'll try to give you updates, but I may be skipping some days over the next week.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

...Nippin' At My Nose!

We all warned you that the cold air was coming! And man, it was chilly yesterday... with winds howling at 20-30 mph and temperatures in the 40s!.... Brrrrr.

If you don't like the cold weather, I have bad news for you... It's going to colder! We hinted at some very cold air coming down from the North, and it still looks like it could happen. How cold??? I think we'll see a large part of the area with overnight lows in the low 20s, with some areas in the upper teens!

Guess what "cold weather haters"? It looks even colder next week (7-10 days out). It's always hard to forecast that far out, but I wanted to give the "insiders" that read the Blog what we are talking about in Storm Center 12.

By the way, some parts of the state could see a few flakes falling in the next two weeks! Stay tuned....

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

12's Day Of Giving

Good Saturday Morning!

12's day of giving was another great success yesterday. All of us at WSFA really have good time each year and the people in the area always amaze us. It's such a good time hanging out at event, too. Whether it's cutting up with the folks from Dixie Electric or hearing stories from Iraq from our Marines, it is always an enjoyable part of the season. Our military guys and gals are really some great people! We should remember to pray for those folk everyday. They have a tough job to do, but they are so proud to do it for us. They rock!!!

Well, it's Saturday (my day off), so I'm going to go hang out with the family. Take Care.

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Friday, December 10, 2004

Grinch or Griswald?

Maybe you liked the decorations on the desk, maybe you didn't. The view was a little split. Regardless of if you liked them or not, they had to go for "technical" reasons. There are two monitors in front of the desk that we use to see what is going out over the air, and what is about to go out over air. You likely have seen us look down at them from time to time in News, Weather, and Sports. With the decorations on the desk, we couldn't see them. We could barely see the clock that we watch to keep up with the timing of the show. Therefore, after 24 hours on the desk, the decorations came down. We still have the rest of the studio decorated, and it really looks good with snow, Christmas trees, and other added touches. The decorations on the desk though...are gone.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Busy Day...Again!

The picture above is the screen of the computer that puts our weather graphics on the air. The large window is what you see during weather. The list down the side is the list of graphics (or scenes) we will use in the show. This image was taken this morning at 5:36. As you can see... numerous watches and warnings were ongoing! I know folks like to see the "stuff" in Storm Center 12, and I will try to bring that to you every now and then.

Mornings are usually quiet in the weather department. Severe weather is usually in the afternoon, not in the wee hours! Lately, it has become a weekly thing for us on Today In Alabama to deal with warnings though! It looks like that trend will end for next week! BUT, some cold air may be coming in to replace the severe weather. Stay tuned!

I had hoped to talk a little about the Christmas decorations that we had on the desk yesterday. If you noticed, they are gone from the desk now, but still up behind us. Tomorrow I will share with you the "technical" problems that made them disappear.

To get the latest on the storms go to and click on the weather section.

As always, feel free to email me at

P.S. No baby yet! and GO PRATTVILLE LIONS!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Keep It Down Over There!

This is my view while I am doing weather. As you can see, if they are leaning back in their chair laughing...I could easily get the giggles! (By the way... that's our favorite commercial in the monitor.... Does Wood know about this?) Get the rest of the story below the picture....

Keep It Down Over There 2!

The shenanigans that take place on camera sometimes get out of hand, but if you saw what happens sometimes during commercials you would laugh all day at work! Sometimes Tonya and Judd keep going as I'm doing weather. Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face, while they are on the other side of the room cutting up? It's not easy!

I'm sure I have got them back a time or two. They have it a little harder though. They really can't laugh during some of the stuff they read, but it probably doesn't matter if I let out a little chuckle while I'm talking about the clouds.

Despite what goes on during the commercials, they actually do a really good job at staying professional while on camera. You have to have fun in the mornings, or all of us (including you) would fall back asleep!

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A picture of one of the computer screens in Storm Center 12 this morning. Checkout the ongoing conversation we have with the National Weather Service on the right. Very typical during severe weather events! Posted by Hello

Here Come The Storms!

It's a little busy in Storm Center 12 this morning. If you watched Today In Alabama though, you would know that the line is weakening. After the horrible weather we saw the day before Thanksgiving, it is really hard to get too concerned about this storm system. I don't want to downplay it too much, we will still see a few warnings.

WSFA really takes care of the weather department here. We have all kinds of bells and whistles! We're the only station with LIVE Doppler Radar, which is REALLY helpful with fast moving storms. But even with all of these "toys", some "less expensive" tools may help the most. I'm talking about our weather watchers. They give us the "eyes" out in the viewing area. Doppler Radar keeps getting better and better, but nothing beats the human eye!

Another tool we have been using lately is something you likely use too. It's Yahoo! Messenger. We carry on a conversation with the National Weather Service throughout severe weather events to better serve the public. We know in advance when warnings will be issued, we know more about damage reports, and we track the storms together while sharing information. With all of us working together, it saves lives! And that is what really matters! That's coverage, community, commitment!

By the way... Tonya was back this morning! That's a good thing.... The show was starting to go down the drain!

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Monday, December 06, 2004

Where's Dr. Sam??? Posted by Hello

They Got It Back!

Mix 103 got the Trophy back on the Trivia challenge! Dr. Sam and Susan were out of the room when we went LIVE to them this morning. We popped up the shot and they weren't there! In about 2 seconds, Susan sits down to answer the question. Being that Dr. Sam was out of the room still, she had an edge to finally get the answer right!

As I posted in an earlier post, the questions that will be given this week to Tonya and Judd by Dr. Sam and Susan are going to be ridiculously hard! Watch and see....

Anyways, I didn't get the call today. It would be cool to have the baby today. Why??? Because today is "officially" my son's birthday. We celebrated Saturday, but today is his birthday. He had the honor to drive the bus today on Today In Alabama. For those that watch everyday, you know that is the highest of all honors!!!

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Bus Stop Forecast, December 6th Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004

My son Shad, opening some presents and my wife, Jennifer. (she's nine months pregnant!) Posted by Hello

The big "2"!

Yesterday, we had my son's second birthday party. What a wild time! It seems like yesterday I was driving in an ice storm in Northeast Arkansas, heading to the the hospital at 1:00 in the morning. People always said that time speeds up when you have kids, and now I see what they meant!

Speaking of kids... Any day now, our second boy will be here. Over the next two weeks or so, I will be carrying my cell phone in my pocket during Today In Alabama, waiting for the call from my wife. Wouldn't it be cool if I got the call right in middle of my weathercast? It could happen! Even if it is not during the weathercast, it could get interesting... Let's say I get the call at 6:00 am.... For the rest of the show, Judd and Tonya will be doing the weather! Stay tuned!

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Great Sports!

Our sports team has been working their tail off lately. That's good though. This is the time of year they need to be busy. If they weren't, it would mean our local teams weren't doing well. That is not the case though!

I had the opportunity to go to the Prattville/Carver game last night. WOW, what a crowd! (and traffic jam!) Folks around here LOVE their football and it was showing last night. Prattville won the game 30-0. Good win for the Lions who will now head to B'ham for the Big Dog game!

And then we have the SEC championship game today! Yeah, I was born and raised in Tennessee, yes I am wearing a bright orange shirt today with BIG "T" on it, and yes I think they will lose! (that's right, I said "lose") Tennessee just isn't the team this year, and Auburn is. We'll see what happens tonight, but I think it could get ugly. Derek is covering the game in Atlanta... be sure to check out his report tonight on WSFA 12 News at 6:00 and especially 10:00.

"Props" to the sports department today. You guys always put out a great product. Keep up the good work!

As always, feel free to email me at

WSFA Sports TEAM covering the SEC Championship. Posted by Hello

A Crowded Prattville/Carver game! Posted by Hello

Friday, December 03, 2004

Mix103 Posted by Hello

Day Two!

We survived day one of "Ryan's Morning Blog" and even got some good reviews! Now on to day two. If you watched this morning, Tonya was out. It's that time of year when everyone is burning up the leftover vacation days before the end of the year. The show just wasn't the same.... it was quieter! Just kidding Tonya! Honestly though, it's never as fun when folks are off for the day. Plus who wants to look at Judd and I for two hours!

It was fun to play trivia with Mix 103 this morning. Since Tonya was out, I stepped into her spot. We stumped them again, but I have a feeling that they have some HARD questions to give once they get the trophy back!

I better get to working on tonight's County Road 12! We have some good stories coming this month out along County Road 12. Stay tuned!

By the way, feel free to email me anytime at

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Here we go!

The first to post to "Ryan's Morning Blog"! I would take full credit for this, but I can't. That's likely a good idea, just in case it is a boring addition to Today In Alabama.

A guy from my hometown of Nashville does this each morning. One day while catching up on Nashville news, I ran across his page. It seemed fun, so I thought I would give it a whirl! Check out Neil's Morning Blog at one day!

What will you find here each morning? Who knows! Maybe you'll find out why we came out of the commercial break laughing, maybe you'll get some ideas for the weekend, and every now and then... you'll get my view on the world! (I know you can't wait!)

Thanks for reading, we'll see you around...