Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving 2007

Here's my annual pumpkin carving post! My first pumpkin carving of the holiday may be the hardest carving I have ever done! You Auburn fans should really like it!

Each year, we get together with some friends and carve pumpkins. In fact, I have written about my pumpkin carving hobby for the past few years... Our friends in Alabama really got me fired up about carving pumpkins two years ago. Ever since then... I'm addicted! Here are my previous posts:

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Most of the crew tonight had not done "advanced" carving and a few of them got a little frustrated. I even got a little "bent out of shape" carving the Tiger!
The class clown of the group was Doug... He did not carve a pumpkin, but he had a saw and knife with him. I never figured out why he was carrying the supplies to carve a pumpkin, but did not carve one????... He was really good at cutting the holes though!
If you have never done "advanced" pumpkin carving... I challenge you to do it this year! If you carve something cool, email the picture to me. If it is good, I'll show it on air. My email address is

Photo Tip--- Light the pumpkin and take the picture in complete darkness with no flash.

Happy Halloween!



Heidi said...

Halloween is my birthday, and we have 6 pumpkins lined up ready to be transormed into not-so-subtle representations of our subconscious selves. THAT's the scary part, Ryan! :D

However, I am thinking that my husband will now be inspired to do this "advanced" carving of which you speak, especially now that you've gone and issued such a challenge! ;D

(Pumpkins were cheaper in Missouri, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

oops guess i got carried away........just stop last one at good pappy. and Happy Halloween to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Ryan!

RICK said...

NICE job on the tiger!!

brett said...

great job on the tiger. they showed an guy who did really good pumpkin carvings on GMA this weekend, he used power tools,and his designs were really good

Anonymous said...


That is an AUsome Tiger pumpkin. I am so impressed. Happy Halloween to you and yours!!

Angie from Montgomery

Cristine Douglas said...

This looks like a fun-filled halloween event. We will be having pumpking carving aprty as well this year. I'd be glad to share those designs. Have fun!

Happy Halloween!
- Cristine
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